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Welton, also known as Welton-by-Lincoln, is a civil parish and village situated near the county town of Lincoln, with a distance of only 10 kilometers to the south. Even though it is only a village, it has approximately 3000 plus people.

The villages’ name “Welton’ means “village with a well”. It was once a Roman and Celtic settlement. One proof of this is the village church called the Prebendal Church of St. Mary, both of which are of Norman and Early English style. This is also one of the place’s landmarks.

Moreover, the village has two public houses open to serve the public, one is The Falconer and the other is The Black Bull. Other places that can be found in the village are the golf course, the war memorial, co-op, campsite, the vet, and the village library.

For educating the children, the place is complete with schools from preschool to secondary school.

The main sport in the area is football.

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