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Upton Fish Shop

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Upton Fish Shop

Upton Fish Shop is the only remaining shop in the district which specializes in traditionally made fish and chips. These fine quality fish and chips are made of hand-made batter as well as fresh fishes from Grimsby and cooked in the old ways of coal-firing. There is always a long queue and about 40 minutes of waiting times but it definitely is worth the wait.

Though it is the best, the shop is quite small and old-fashioned. I guess this is only suiting to their ways so it is fine. There is a coal-fired place where they cook the fish and chips, which is just brilliant. It is amazing to think that this way of cooking still exists somewhere. The place is cosy and mouth-watering smell lingers in the air.

Upton Fish Shop serves the best tasting fish and chips in the whole county. The fish and chips with curry sauce and mushy peas are just lovely. It is not what you would expect some fish and chips to be. Moreover, it is not greasy at all. It looks delicious and tastes divine.

It would have been great if these fish and chips were available all throughout the week. However, they only open during specific days. The staff is talkative and friendly, which is a plus.

The place may be old but it is great. People from all over have tried and tested this divine taste and comes back for more. It is indeed delicious and nice. If it is me, I will always be willing to wait just to taste those delicious fish and chips.

Opening Hours:

Friday – Saturday    5.30 pm – 9.00 pm


01427 838 607


24 High Street



DN21 5NL

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