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The Advocate Arms

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The Advocate Arms

The Advocate Arms is a newly refurbished historic building from the 18th century which stands proudly at the heart of Market Rasen in the district of West Lindsey.

As the building looks like it, there’s quite a historic feel to the building combined with a contemporary air. The place is award-winning, which is evident in whatever corner you look. The staff and the owner, as well as the place itself, is warm and welcoming even at your entrance.

The Advocate Arms has a restaurant and a bar, combining fabulous meals with refreshing drinks fresh from the bar. The restaurant is an attractive and neat place wherein one can eat delicious seasonal food made from fresh local products. It is a good place for private dining with a partner, family, and friends.

In addition to that, the bar adds to the contemporary and lovely feel to the whole place. Aside from liquors, they also serve afternoon teas and quality bar meals. There are breakfasts, light snacks, evening nibbles and finger food. They also have some special Sunday Roast, which is the best meal during rest days.

The food is just great. It is wholesome and nutritious compared to fast food products. It is served in just the right amount of portion, which is great since it is neither too big nor too small. The taste is excellent and faultless. The dishes are also served with great presentations, making us want to try it right away. However, the most commendable is their breakfast meals, which is just sumptuous. Very good, in fact.

Furthermore, they say that a restaurant is not only about the food but also the service. The Advocate Arms’ service is second to none, with attention to every detail. They are friendly and polite, but with only the right amount of intervention, making them quite professional.

Overall, the place is a must try in West Lindsey. It is a good value for money as well as a great experience to have.


01673 842364



The Advocate Arms Hotel

2 Queen Street, Market Rasen,



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