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Stainfield is a small village and civil parish located in the district of West Lindsey. Though it is quite small, it is very accessible and close to a few bigger places, with Lincoln only 16 kilometers to the west and Bourne only 3 miles to the south.

History suggests that the village was named as such due to it being a site of violent skirmishes during the coming of the Vikings. It is said that the place was stained by blood, hence, the name. On the other hand, the Domesday Book of 1086 refers to it as Stainstone, which means “a clearing on stony ground”. Other evidences also suggest that the village was once a site for a Roman station.

Moreover, a few landmarks make the place quite good for research and travels. One such place is the Grade II listed church dedicated to St. Andrews, which is made of 1711 red bricks and limestone. Another landmark is the Priory Hall, which used to be a Benedictine nunnery in the year 1154. It was given to Sir Robert Tyrrwhitt, who built the Stainfield Hall on its place. The place underwent a few rebuilding until it eventually fell into ruins. The current building is dated from 1856.

As of the present, the village of Stainfield is complete with all amenities people could possibly need. However, it is quite famous and most visited due to the story of “The Wildman of Stainfield”, which originated in the place.

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