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Tom Otter at The Sun Inn

The Sun Inn

During the early 1800’s, a famous incident occurred, with a very frightening turn of events, leading to the hanging of a certain Tom Otter. There are doubts whether the story is indeed true or simple rumors.

It all started when this married man got close to a young woman with the name of Mary Kirkham. He got to close, in the end impregnating her with his child. After Mary gave birth to the child, Tom Otter was confronted with two town options for the cases of unmarried mothers. Either Tom marries her or goes to jail.

Tom did the later on November 3, 1805, even if he was already lawfully wedded to another woman. However, on the wedding night, as the married couple was walking towards home, Tom struck Mary with a hedge stake, leading to the young woman’s immediate death.

He was soon arrested and charged with the murder, He was to be dealt with on a trial at the Sun Inn located at Saxilby. On the other hand, the corpse of the wife was found in a lane near the Sun Inn. As she was taken in the inn, her blood dripped on the steps of the stairs, staining it for many years.  On the 14th of March 1806, Tom Otter was hanged. He was then fastened in iron and hung on a post. However, his body kept falling off.

Moreover, the stake used for the murder was kept. Unfortunately, every year, in the exact anniversary of the murder, the stake is removed from its hidden place and can be found on the murder spot.

As a solution for the dilemma and scare it gave, it was burned by the Bishop of Lincoln outside the Cathedral.

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