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Saxilby is a large and busy village located in West Lindsey in the county.  It can be found around 201 kilometers south of London and 9.7 kilometers to the north east of Lincoln. The closest towns are Kettlethorpe to the west and Sturton to the north.

The village is quite a treasure for the heritage it contains. In it can be found remains of the Roman Fossdyke Navigation. A roman camp can also be found just outside the village’s boundaries.

The name Saxilby is of Viking origin, coming from saxulfr + by and giving it the meaning “farmstead of a man called Saxsulfr”. However, it was written as Saxebi in the Domesday Book and Saxelbi in the archived documents. It only came to be known using the current name at the start of the 19th century.

Saxilby is quite a rustic village with a 12th century church dedicated to St. Botolph. It is also characterized by 15th century buildings and a 16th century manor house.

As of the moment, Saxilby has improved and has become industrialized with housing developments. For education, there is the Saxilby Church of England Primary School as well as various secondary schools.

For visitors, there are public houses such as the Anglus Hotel, Sun Inn, Ship Inn, The Pavilion Bar and Kitchen, and the Bridge Inn. Bed and Breakfasts also include the Orchard Cottage and the Canal View Bed and Breakfast.

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