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Located at around 29 kilometers north from the city of Lincoln at the county of Lincolnshire, Gainsborough is a town under the jurisdiction of the district of West Lindsey.


The town has a rich history with its past dating as far back to the Anglo Saxons when they made the town the capital city of Mercia. This was before the conquests of the Danes.

Taking this into consideration, the town has been through a lot already. During the English Civil Wars, the town was also one of the stages of death and fighting. The town, however, was taken by the Parliaments.

As the town has quite a history, its economy has been through a lot as well. Gainsborough was more on the manufacturing side and was the home to the boiler manufacturer known as the Marshall’s. Moreover, in its records, in 1893, William Rose, one of the Rose brothers, invented the world’s first packaging machine. Other machines were also invented and manufactured, but the majority of it were for the household. However, the packaging side has been bought.

Gainsborough also boast of their famous historic stone buildings such as the Old Hall, which can be traced as far back to the 15th century. The All Saint’s Parish Church is also a great landmark and tourist attraction. The parish itself has constructed its own shop and café for the comfort of its locals and visitors.

Even if it is a typical country, the town entertains itself with certain establishments for sports such as football, public parks, and aviaries.

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