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West Lindsey is an integral district of the county of Lincolnshire. It is one of the biggest in terms of land area, as well as one of the fastest growing in terms of industry and population.

The district lies close to the county town of Lincoln, giving it a bit of influence in terms of urbanization. However, as the whole county is quite rural, the rustic yet scenic countryside blends in with the kind of urbanization at the present.

Moreover, it ranks high in terms of education. Given this information, the district of West Lindsey is one of the best to visit or take a tour in.

Some of the best places to go to are listed here.

Gainsborough Old Hall

Gainsborough Old Hall

The Gainsborough Old Hall is a manor house of late medieval style owned by the Burgh family during the 14th century. It is one of the most impressive structures in the county and one of the best preserved ones as well.

The old hall is a Grade I listed building owned by the English Heritage and has been around for more than 500 years. It is dubbed as the “hidden gem in Lincolnshire”, even with only a glimpse of its magnificent Great Hall.


According to historians, during the medieval times, King Stephen mentioned a castle and manor existing in the town of Gainsborough. It must have been that of the nobles from the Burgh family.

A descendant, Thomas Burgh, became the lord of the manor in 1455. He planned to build a new manor house, which is now known as the Gainsborough Old Hall. The Old Hall, back then was new, was completed in 1480. Its walls were initially made of timber framework, but, were encased in brick stones.

Rumors say that it was made as such to demonstrate the wealth and significance of the family. However, the Burghs declined and was forced to sold the manor to the Hickman’s in the year 1596.

It stayed with the family throughout those years, until, in 1970, a descendant of the Hickman’s gave it to the nation.

As of the present, the manor has been there for more than 500 years, already.


Being such an elegant example of old architecture during the start of the Renaissance, the Old Hall is quite a tourist attraction. Thus, amenities such as toilets and reception for made for the convenience of visitors.

Moreover, the place was improved to be quite disabled friendly.


For souvenirs and stuff, the owners of the place have designated a shop, where visitors can buy and collect some memorabilia, gifts for both grown-ups and children, some games, a few terrific toys, and many other things.

There are also books by local authors, as well as postcards showing the prideful sceneries. Their very own branded hessian bags are also made available for sale to those who feel a spark towards it.

Overall, the said hall was quite nice, especially with its relation to royalties such as Henry VIII. The place also hosts a variety of events and exhibitions that will indeed make you learn and laugh.

Marshall’s Yard

Marshall’s Yard

Marshall’s Yard is a modern shopping centre, which is definitely more than what its name implies. This award-winning Gainsborough centre is complete with some 30 plus fantastic stores, restaurants with foreign cuisines, coffee shops, health clubs, and a beautifully landscaped plaza.


Before the establishment of today’s Marshall Yard, it was a different business venture by the same group, the Marshall’s Yard Ltd. Formerly, it was Marshall’s Brittania Iron Works from 1848, producing high quality and industrialized machines.

The Iron Works closed down in the 1980s. Plans were being contrived, and as the 21st century enters, the centre opened in the site. Similarly, it is owned and operated by Marshall’s Yard Ltd.


As of now, shopping has become more fun with the one of a kind, yet, beautiful retail environment offered by the centre. It features historic buildings and landscape piazza with a magnificent fountain area, which is definitely an English characteristic.

Several rides for kids are also made available to make shopping more fun. Moreover, there are leisure clubs and exercise facilities in the centre, ensuring a healthy and fit lifestyle.


The centre has two popular markets: The Farmer’s Market and The Country Living Market.

The first one is housed along the walkways on certain days. Tasty and fresh local produce such as high quality meat, fruits, and vegetables, are displayed and sold at a fair price. It is a fully accredited market, ensuring both safety and quality.

On the other hand, The Country Living Market specializes on selling unique handmade crafts and items, which are perfect as special gifts.

Torksey Castle

Torksey Castle

Contrary to its name, Torksey Castle is not a castle, but rather, a manor house located at the center of the village of Torksey. The 16th century Tudor stone-built fortified manor house was named as such due to its resemblance to an old castle.  It was said to have been founded by the Jermyn family, though for an unknown reason.

The current building is listed at the Buildings at Risk Register. It is definitely at risk, but, it is private and can only be viewed through a public footpath in the road at Torksey Lock.


The medieval country house is dated from the 16th century. During the century next to that, it fell victim to the English Civil War, as it was burned down by royalist soldiers as an action against the Parliamentary owner of the manor.

The manor was not restored from its ruin. Furthermore, in 1961, the River Board buried part of the ruin, in its attempt to raise the river bank. Before the 21st century, the manor was place under the English Heritage.


The manor’s hall is obviously a masterpiece layouted from the trendiest Renaissance architectural design during its era. It consists of a series of planned ranges.

Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park

Woodlands Wildlife and Falconry

The Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park is a fun packed visitor attraction. It is famous for its flying demonstrations of vultures, eagles, owls, hawk and falcons. Moreover, its beautiful gardens attract bees, birds and butterflies.

Tropical Paradise

The Park also boasts of its Tropical Paradise, wherein one can enjoy the sand and the water. The paradise also includes some tropical plants, ponds, streams, waterfall, and several insects, making the place very real to the people.

The Animals

Being a wildlife park, the place specializes in housing and caring for a variety of animals such as otters, wallabies, meercats, snakes, lemur, raccoon, macaw, and tarantulas.

 There are also four adorable white wolves named Saska, Nuna, Toba, and Mr. Hudson. These four Hudson Bay wolves are adorable creatures with white furs and tempting eyes.

The newest addition to the wildlife park is the pair of tigers rescued from a circus. The pair was abused. Seeing this, the park rescued the two by buying it and creating a home where it can be taken care off.


Visitors are entertained by the racing of the pigs. These races are made more fun with bets on such cute little pigs.

The place is indeed a place for everyone, wherein all can enjoy nature and its life.

RAF Scampton

RAF Scampton Memorial

The Royal Air Force of Scampton is a royal air force station which stands on the site of the First World War Royal Flying Corps landing field. It is famous for being the current home to the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows, one of the world’s premier aerobatic display teams. They are more commonly referred to as the public face of RAF.


Before the World War I, the RAF in Scampton started as the Home Defense Flight Station in Brattleby in the year 1916. It was renamed as Scampton the year after. However, in 1920, the land was returned to the farming public and everything in the site was removed.

At the start of the World War II, RAF Scampton reopened in 1936 with the 617 Dambusters in “Operation Chastise” led by Guy Gibson.

After the war, the RAF remained as is, but with a few improvements through time, and became the home of Vulcan bombs used in the Cold War.

The Museum

In addition to everything about RAF Scampton here, the base also has a museum, which is housed in one of the original World War II hangars. The museum contains about 400 artifacts including the “Blue Steel Missile”.

Entry to the museum is free.


Travelling and sight-seeing may be tiring and draining to some. Take some rest, drink some refreshments. If it is time for lunch or dinner, visit the Top 3 Restaurants in the district, namely: The Advocate Arms, Upton Fish Shop, and The King’s Head in Tealby.

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