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The Fonaby Stone

The Fonaby Stone

The Fonaby Stone, also known as “the sack stone” has been written about in several books and papers and have been visited by visitors due to its mysterious origin, as well as rumors about the stone.

According to folklore, a missionary in the 7th century by the name of St. Paulinus was riding his ass, who hadn’t had any breakfast, at the ancient track way above the market town of Caistor.

The missionary, then, saw a man sowing corn and stopped by to ask for some. However, the man sowing the corn dismissed him by saying that the sack was not corn but only a stone.

Thus, St. Paulinus turned the sack to stone, where it stayed in place for many generations. It is immoveable and even if a team of horses shifted it, misfortune and illnesses befell them. Another man who damaged it reached a sticky end.

The stone is said to have been broken up in the year 1917, while some say that it is lost. What remains are only two separate pieces of grey stones.

Moreover, in relation to the story, a few sources indicate that the man was Christ, but there is no biblical evidence saying so.

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