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The Blacksmith’s Ghost

On the year 1710, there lived a man whose name was Solomon Fenner. He live in Laceby as a local blacksmith. He was a skilled one and was very good at his profession. Before that, he served in an army. After his service, he returned to his village to serve as the local blacksmith.

Solomon was a pious man who gave to the poor and who was a regular at the church. However, he was  never married.

He pinned, however, for a beautiful lass named Rebecca Pettit. The woman lived in the nearby market town of Caistor. She was a rare beauty, with long red hair and beautiful expressive green eyes.

However, she was unreachable for her father, William Pettit, wanted her to marry someone with an estate and money. Thus, when Solomon gained courage to face her father and ask for her hand in marriage, Mr. Pettit threw him out.

This event snapped everything inside Solomon. Known as a a man with habits and who piously follows these habits, William Pettit confidently went out and as he was coming home drunk, Solomon ambushed him and struck him with a hammer. The man fell dead.

After the dead, Solomon realized what he has done and went to the nearest house.

Before his death, he wept bitterly for his poor soul. He was hanged, leading to his death.

His capital punishment, on the other hand, is not his death, but the damnation of his soul as he is to remain in the place of the murder to appear to travellers and tell them of his evil deed. Moreover, he is to tell them the greatest lesson he learned and that is “human life is scared”.

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