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Caistor is a small town and civil parish in the district of West Lindsey. It was originally a Roman castrum or fortress.

The name Castor itself is evidently a variation of the Latin name, which was also adopted in the Anglo-Saxon language upon their coming. The Anglo-Saxon name of the town was ceaster, meaning “Roman Camp”. The town thrived and was an urban settlement in the 10th century.

As of the present, the buildings of the old days varying from Georgian and Victorian styles still remain intact. A few buildings from before that are also in the area. An example of this is the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul with its Anglo-Saxon tower. These have already been considered as the most important conservation area of the heritage of the country.

Moreover, the schools are also of historic links with the Grammar School dating back from 1633. There is also the Academy School.

Caistor was home to the RAF Caistor during the wartime. In 1940, it was a relief airfield for RAF Kirton Lindsey, but not, it is just a vast empty land for agricultural use.

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