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Brocklesby Park Estate © Paul Glazzard Reused under the Creative Commons License

Brocklesby is the name of a village and civil parish located in the district of West Lindsey. It is only a small village, composing of about 124 people in the year 2001. One of its closest neighbor is Immingham, which is about 6.4 kilometers from the Brocklesby.

The parish includes as part of it the settlement known as Limber Parva, a term which can be translated to mean “Little Limber”. Little Kimber is actually the site of a medieval village, which makes it a haven for those who love learning.

The most prominent landmark of the village of Brocklesby is its Hall, a large country house with three stories classified to be a Grade I listed building. It was once part of a 27, 000 acre of land, which has been reduced through the years. The Hall was damaged by fire and was restored to its glory, but not as glorious as it had once been. The surroundings are primarily agricultural.

Another distinguishing landmark is the All Saints Church, a Grade II listed building located at the Brocklesby Hall’s Park. It is a somewhat handsome building with a lot of history.

In a way, Brocklesby has more than enough to offer in terms of history and architecture.

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