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Witham and Blues

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Witham and Blues tripadvisor

Witham and Blues is a restaurant of American cuisine and carvery type. It gives the people something American while also serving the local appetite.

The restaurant is located in a typically rural setting with the place being in one of the districts in the county. The interior has amazing décor, giving the place a nice look. The ambience is good, with people talking and enjoying their food amidst busy yet friendly staff.

The owner and his staff are fantastic and very efficient in their work as well as being polite and helpful to their guests. Although, there are times when the person himself has to do self-service, the staff is courteous and obviously really cares about the people.

The menu is quite extensive and well-priced. Witham’s cuisine is served the way we wanted them to be, may it be rare or well cooked. The servings are generous in size and even massive for others. They are very tasty and very good, especially the burgers which are just so delicious. It makes you want to come back for more each time.

The place also has a lot of events involving entertainment with musicians and stand-up comedians. They do a few tributes to famous local bands and their music while also entertaining guests and serving really good food.

Opening Hours:

            Wednesday – Thursday     12:00 – 3:00  6:00 – Late

            Friday – Saturday                12:00 – 3:00  5:30 – Late

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