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Los Burritos

Los Burritos

Los Burritos is an independent Mexican restaurant and cocktail bar serving good food to the locals and some refreshing drink to most of their customers.

The place is a small unique restaurant with a name of pure Mexican cuisine advertisement. The interior has a lot of funky décor, from cactuses to donkeys. This gives off a feeling of a real Mexican place. The whole is clean and the place has great atmosphere throughout, with people enjoying food such as burritos and nachos.

The staff is not snob at all but rather friendly and helpful. They are relaxed and warm yet pays attention to every detail. Also, they really listen well to their customers especially in their preference of their food. They are lovely people but quite unobtrusive, which is one nice quality of a place.

Moreover, Los Burritos serves excellent food with great taste as well as lush cocktails with great prices. The food feels h=lite it was home-cooked, making people feel like they are in a Mexican’s home kitchen. The courses are to die for, especially their Gambas. It is a course made of shrimps but with delicious spicy sauce. They also have nachos, which is the signature of Mexican cuisines. Their nachos are good with beef and cheese, making a great snack and perfect to pair up with a cool drink.

The place is nice and satisfying. It really does give you your money’s worth as well as an excellent experience to remember.

Opening Hours:

            Daily   11:00 am – 3:00 pm

                        06:00 pm – 11:00 pm

            Saturdays      11:00 am – 11:00 pm


            01205 837100

Email Address:



            3A Church Street


            PE21 6NW

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