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Tiddy Mun

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Tiddy Mun

Tiddy Mun refers to a race of pixy people in the land of Lincolnshire. The word tiddy means little or someone who controls water.

This race is neither good nor evil. However, it is given that if you are good to them, they will do well to you in return. Also, if ever you harm them, they will, of course, retaliate with harm.

The king of these pixies is known as Tiddy Mun. He is as tall as a three year old, but, looks like an old man wearing a gray gown. Since he is the king, he is larger than his people.

It is said that a few years back, Dutch engineers drained the land. The king was angered and put a curse on the people. To placate his anger, the people put water in the drainage.

This stories somehow connect to the pagan times especially at the belief of bog spirits.

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