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The Fens

The Fens

The Fens or the Fenland is a naturally marshy region in the lowest land point level in the United Kingdom. It is quite in a low lying area below mean sea level which is a result of all the water drainage in the past years. Thus, it was named fen, which is a local name for an area of marsh land and its type of marsh.

The area lies around the coast of the Wash and within a few metres of sea level, much of which are composed of a mixture of fresh and salt water wetlands, if not either. It is an area of full fertile lands.

Moreover, it has a few hills, the most prominent of which is the Isle of Ely. It is also characterized by endless circuits of beautiful and fresh waterways, making the place quite productive in terms of production of crops such as grains and vegetables.

The Fens has quite a history, tracing back from the Mesolithic onwards to the present. It has also been a setting for several works by different well known authors who have lived in the place for some time.

As of the present, the Fens is praised and nicknamed as the “Holy Land of English” due to its many churches. It is also quite visited by tourists due to its famous landmarks, one of which is the Maud Foster Windmill, considered as the tallest working windmill in all of England.

The Fens includes the following major places, namely: Cambridge, Boston, Spalding, Wisbech and King’s Lynn.

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