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Parrot Zoo

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The Parrot Zoo

The Parrot Zoo is an area of Boston, comprising 15 acres of gardens and newly planted woodlands, which serves as the home to thousands of birds in hundreds of varieties. It is considered as the biggest collection of Parrots in the United Kingdom alone, which consists of about 2000 birds identified to be from 100 different species.

This unique visitor attraction was founded by a man by the name of Steve Nichols, who had quite an extended knowledge of and about parrots. It has since become big and has ventured into taking in other animals such as Marmosets, Meerkats, Lemurs, and Coatimundis, among many others. As of the present, the establishment is planning on taking in reptiles as well.

Moreover, the Parrot Zoo has had a few establishment built for the convenience of visitors and guests. Such facilities include The Rainforest Diner and The Cockatiel Bar, for those who want to grab a  bite to eat while visiting these feathered little creatures, The Adventure Playground, for kids who want to play around, and the Walkhough Aviary.

The place has also been set up in an event cemented ground for the disabled visitors, who wants to be closer to nature. On the other hand, for those from places far away, a gift and souvenir shop has been established, where one can buy a few little trinkets that may serve as a remembrance.


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The Parrot Zoo

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