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Mr. Ingram and the Bird of Ill Omen

Mr. Ingram’s statue

According to many myths and legends, night flying birds and birds of dark plumage are omens of coming evil and death.

This superstition and its effect on the citizens of Boston were recorded by a certain Mr. Ingamells. It is said in the record that on September 8, 1860, a Saturday, at Boston, a strange looking bird nestled on the steeple of St. Botolph’s Church or The Boston Stump.

The church custodian, a Mr. Hackford, shot the bird the Monday after. They learned that the bird was a cormorant, which even the Bible has records of the connection of the bird with desolation, departed glory, as well as uncleanliness.

A few days after the bird was seen, the papers announced the death of Mr. Ingram and his son due to a vehicle coallision. Mr. Ingram was a well-known and well-respected personality as he is the MP for Boston and the founder of Britain’s first illustrated newspaper. He was loved for he did a lot for the town of Boston during his time.

Moreover, as stated in the paper, the death happened at the same time the bird nestled on the steeple of the church, in a way proving and emphasizing superstitions about it.

A couple of years after the incident, the Ingram monument was established near the church of St. Botolph. As for the bird, it was stuffed and could be seen 40 years after the incident.

However, as of the present, the whereabouts of the stuffed bird is unknown and the thing is considered to be lost.

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