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The Monk at the Geoff Moulder Leisure Center

Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex

A few eye witnesses saw and have evidence that the Boston’s Swimming Pool is indeed spooked. It is said to be haunted by a monk-like male figure as well a young girl, both of which frequently appears in the halls.

Moreover, visitors witness a male monk entering through the walls as well as floating over the pool and going across it.

Due to rumors about the place, a paranormal group was called by the manager of the complex to see if the rumors were indeed true. As it was, the group stayed at the complex for a short time.

During their stay, the group’s equipment picked up a frequency which reveals to be the presence of the unknown. Several entities were present at that time. A male ghost was captured in a photograph of the crew while a female voice answering a “yes” was recorded in answer to one of the member’s question.. Another photograph captures the rumored monk, with clear features, especially the eyes.

The crew is quite confident with their evidence and planned to send it to TV programmes. The said evidence includes spectres and a few spirits.

The hauntings may be of those people from the burial site found at the Boston Grammar School, which is adjacent to the Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex. The burial site is composed of skeletons from ancient friaries.

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