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Ghost Jumpers at The Boston Stump

The Boston Stump

Ghost Jumpers, in my definition, are spirits who are not at peace with the way they died. They are those who come back to the world living, showing people their death as their forms jump down St. Botolph’s Church or The Boston Stump.

Two of the most famous and best known ghost jumpers, whose spirits continue to haunt The Stump are the spirits of Sarah Preston and The Grey Lady. These two show themselves to living people by jumping off the church tower before suddenly disappearing into thin air.

The first of the two is Sarah Preston. Several researches conclude one thing regarding the spirit of this lady. On the 17th century in Boston, she believed herself to be responsible for the Black Death, which killed hundreds of people in Boston alone.

It is said that she contracted the illness by inviting a sailor to her home, which is currently the empty mock Tudor building opposite the standard offices in the city. At the time, her husband was away, which was considered as an adultery on her part. The sailor, on the other hand, gave her the illness, which in turn was passed on the town since it was still a small community at that time.

As of the present, her ghostly figure can still be seen silently falling before disappearing. Others witnessed that she was holding unto a child while she jumped. On the other hand, some say that her cries of pestilence can be heard from the halls of the church.

Meanwhile, The Grey Lady is another entity which haunts The Boston Stump, in the same way as Sarah Preston does. She is the best known of all the town’s ghost.

Stories say that The Grey Lady was a widow, whose husband died shortly after she gave birth to their first child. Unable to overcome her grief and loneliness in the passing of her husband, she is said to have thrown herself off the tower of St. Botolph’s Church, with her child on her arms.

Her reason for this being she wants her family to be completed. In order to do so, as well as being unable to bring back the dead, she decided to just commit suicide and force the child to die as well.

Thus, for what she has done to herself and the child, she is punished to forever remain in the tower as well as to forever be without peace as she is forever damned to jump off repeatedly to her death before completely disappearing

It is said that she will appear to anyone who will run around the Boston Stump three times at the same time as the chimes for midnight starts.

A lot of stories still circulate about these two entities, which are still repeatedly seen by some locals and visitors. It may just be that even at the present, their spirits are still not at peace with the way they died, or perhaps, the reason for which they died.

Though this may be, there is a doubt if it is indeed Sarah Preston with the baby. Perhaps, the witness saw The Grey Lady instead, especially with the proof that the baby is in the arms of the lady while jumping.

There may be a lot of speculations whether these stories are really true, but it still remains that these two are forever written in the history and stories of Boston.

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