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The Devil at The Boston Stump

The Boston Stump

St. Botolph is a Saxon monk, who is regarded as the earliest and most revered of East Anglian Daints. He is said to have founded the monastery and had several churches dedicated to his honor.

One of the churches in question is St. Botolph’s Church in the city of Boston, also known as The Boston Stump. It is hard to miss when coming to the city as it is quite a famous landmark.

Legend has it that St. Botolph, who prayed daily, cornered and preached to the devil. The devil was so troubled by the saint’s practices that he huffed and puffed and caused a strong wind which still remains today. Some say that the gasps have not yet subsided as of the present.

As of the present time, the octagonal tower of The Boston Stump, which looks across the River Whitman and is branded to be the setting for the struggle between the devil and the saint, is said to resist the breath of the devil as strong whips of wind can be felt around the tower.

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