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Boston Cow Paths

Boston Cow Paths

A folklore from the 1930’s dictates that the windy and confusing streets of Boston was determined by the wandering of a few cows without direction. At that time, the town was still a small village, in which the topography is quite confusing.

One postcard notes, “In Boston Town of Old Renown, the gentle cows the pathways made, which grew the streets that keep the stranger quite dismayed.”

The saying in the postcard thus tell the message that for Bostonians, at that time, many believed that the unorganized streets of the village was cause by the mindless wandering of the innocent cows. Another proof of this is the previous name of Hight Street, which was Cow Lane.

However, some do not agree, saying that the streets were not planned, thus, when the city was fully constructed, the roads weren’t organized.

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