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The Borough of Boston

The Borough of Boston is one of the local government districts in Lincolnshire. It is a borough, which means that it is an administrative division or a self-governing township. It was once the northern part of Holland, but, was divided in 1974.

The Borough of Boston

The borough is located at approximately N53°0’00” W0°0’00”. It lies south of East Lindsey, west of The Wash, north of South Holland and east of North Kesteven.  The total land area of the district is about 139.6 square miles (or 361.5 km2), giving it the 116 area rank.

The district itself has a total population of 64,637 people while the council is composed of mostly the conservatives. Among England’s district council, this district has the highest Total Fertility Rate, rivaling that of the unitary authorities.

The district’s center is in Boston, which boasts of its great heritage, sites, people, and local delicacies. It attracts tourist with its traditional medieval market town. However, the most famous site is the St. Botolph’s Church or “The Stump”, which overlooks the wonder of The Wash.

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