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Sutton-on-Sea Beach

Sutton-on-Sea Beach © Richard Hoare under Creative Commons License

Sutton-on-Sea is a small coastal village located in the county of Lincolnshire. One of its most prominent features includes a small coast with an easy access from the town.

The Sutton-on-Sea Beach is a small yet spacious beach, which is quite clean, unpopulated, not to mention quite safe. This smaller beach is set beside the bigger and more famous Mablethorpe Beach. However, it does not lose, for one of its main charm is its small population, giving it a more serene feel, perfect for locals and guests who doesn’t like crowded places.

Moreover, it still gives a beautiful experience under the sun, but, with the charm of a hidden secret. The beach is quite traditional and old-fashioned, a perfect English beach, which is ideal for family outings.

The seaside is just nice, especially since it is a wide space of golden sands, offering a safe and clean space for people to sit in while eating, talking, or even while sun-bathing. The seaside is also perfect for strolling, building sand castles, and setting out picnics for everyone to enjoy. It is also good for games such as beach volleyball and other sports.

Furthermore, the clean and clear water of the sea, as well as its platform houses a few crabs, flatfishes, shrimps and other marine resources, adding to the enjoyment as well as to the educational knowledge of kids and adults alike.

Other activities that can be enjoyed in the beach include golf or putting and swimming or bathing.

Although the place is quite small, it has an on-duty lifeguard from the month of June up to the month of September. For the convenience of guests, there are also excellent facilities in the beach area such as toilets, pay parking, first-aid post, facilities for the disabled, attractive gardens, as well as a Pleasure Garden, which has a paddling pool, tennis courts, golf courses, and relaxing tea rooms.


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Sutton-on-Sea Beach

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