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The Mad Turk

The Mad Turk

The Mad Turk is a traditional but rustic Turkish restaurant with a homely style. They have an authentic menu made from local ingredients and produce.

This nice little place is small but with a lovely garden area, made up of old bricks and a set of magical fairy lights. The setting is nice and the atmosphere is quite warm and friendly.

Staff members at The Mad Turk Restaurant are accommodating and excellent. The lovely lady who was waiting for our orders was friendly and helpful in answering our questions as well as guides us to the specialties of the place. The others also seem great and brilliant.

Moreover, this unique place serves excellent and beautifully presented dishes such as the lamb, which was just perfect. Some lamb dishes in other places taste just like a game but this one is just lovely, with its large portion and amazing Turkish flavors. It was served piping hot, which is another plus.

The place is great and cosy, with an average style. The food is great and unique, which is definitely great. The staff is first class. What can I say? The Mad Turk is not worth missing.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday                        6.00 – 11.00

Friday – Saturday                11.30 – 2.30

                                                15.30 – 11.00


01780 238001



819 St. Paul’s Street



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