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Nanny Rutt

Nanny Rutt is a figure in a folk tale, which is associated with the Nunny Rutt’s well in Math wood. It is located at Thurlby in Lincolnshire.

Nanny Rutt exist in an oral folk lore. It stars with a young girl who was in love with a man. She agreed to meet up with him at the well in the woods. Thus, when evening came, she started walking towards the woods. Upon entering, she encountered an old woman wrapped in an old shawl and conversed with her. The old woman warned her of the dangers of the wood, as well as the danger of meeting secretly with a man. However, she disregarded the warning and continued towards the well.

She waited for a long time. When it was evident that the man would not come, she started going back. As she stumbles upon the clearing, she saw an old building wherein stood the old woman.

It was then that she realized the hideousness of the old woman’s face. She ran but she fell. Her body froze.

After that incident, she was never seen again.

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