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Thurlby, also known as “Thurlby by Bourne”, is a village and civil parish located in the district of South Kesteven. It is particularly located between Baston and Bourne, with the latter being only 3 kilometers away to the north.

History suggests that the village has already existed before the coming of the Normans in 1066, led by William the Conqueror. This is due to the church of St. Firmin, which dates from 925 A.D, located in the village. Also, it was mentione in the Domesday Book as “Tvrodldbi” or “Torulfbi”.

The community has a few amenities of its own with the exception of its basic needs, such as the Methodist Chapel, the public house, a shop with post office, veterinarian, agricultural experts, furniture stores, and petrol stations. It also has a primary school.

The village can be reached through bus.

Moreover, it is most famous for its very own legend of a woman known as “Nanny Rutt”.

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