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For people who want to get a good grasp of the United Kingdom’s great heritage, Stamford is the place to be in. Considered as the finest stone town in England, the town of Stamford is located on the river Welland, around 92 miles north of London in the county of Lincolnshire. The town is located between Rutland and Peterborough.


Stamford has quite a medieval core. It is an idyllic town with a lot of stone buildings built and inspired by the 17th and 18th century. It even traces its beginnings from the Anglo-Saxons, which made the town their main center. During that time, Stamford hosted festivals such as bull-running during the time of King John.

This little historic town in the district of South Kesteven has a healthy economy. Law and accountancy can be easily found in the place, as well as people from both health and education units. As there are quite intriguing tourist attractions for those interested in history, the town has a lot of hotels, restaurants, café, and other accommodations to make people’s visit worth everything.

The town center also provides an ancient but vibrant shopping experience. Retail and independent shops are in the area, as well as gift shops, and household equipment. Food and other products are made available all the time through the national supermarkets. Beauty salons and spa are also great alternatives for rest and leisure.

Stamford is a place of great yet ancient beauty. It is more on the Jacobean and Georgian style, with its town center sporting 17th or 18th century types of buildings. The stone buildings of Stamford are of great pride. One example of this is the Tolethorpe hall, with its medieval look and rustic charm.

Instead of being a bad thing, this ancient buildings show how the people of Stamford cherished and preserved its times.

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