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Grantham is a historic market town in the district of South Kesteven. It it located 26 miles south of the county town of Lincoln. It is also considered as the largest town in the county, as well as the best town to live in. The town has a total population count of around 38, 000 people.


Tracing back to the earlier years, Grantham has excavated Neolithic and Paleolithic vessels and settlements, as well as flint blades, mac heads, and hand axes. There are also remains from the Bronze Age such as buckets and urn cemetery. These findings only proved that Grantham is one of the oldest settlements of the time of man.

Grantham’s name originated from two English words Granta + ham, which means “Granta’s homestead”.

The town of Grantham is more on manufacturers and food-processing plants. It thrives on the production of several food-products from the fresh local produce. This includes processing of potatoes into fries and other frozen product manufacturing and distribution.

The whole town is characterized by a rustic splendor of the country, as well as woodlands, marshes, and meadows. There are gardens, deer parks, and bird sanctuaries for falcons, peregrines and herons. Play areas for kids are also available with complete facilities.

Grantham is famous for being the birth place of the first ever woman prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. It is the place where the first running diesel was discovered in 1892.

Moreover, the place is for historic and medieval buildings such as the famous St. Wulfram’s church, which is considered as the second tallest building in Lincolnshire. Other landmarks include the Angel and Royal Hotel established around the year 1200, which is considered as Britain’s oldest inn. Other historic houses are the Belton House from the 17th century, the Harlaxton Manor from the 19th century, and the Boothby Pagnell Manor.

The town can be reached through trains, buses and cars, and ships or sea vessels. There is also an annual parade and festival celebration in the town. The town’s specialty are Gingerbread Biscuits.

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