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The Coleby Grange World War II Tower

The Coleby Grange World War II Tower

The Coleby Grange World War II Tower is one of the many old towers, which remain scattered throughout the county of Lincolnshire. It is composed of a remote building, which is somewhat derelict.

However, this abandoned building has had rumors which spread throughout the years of its existence. Stories say that a phantom haunts the top floor of the building. He is said to be gazing mournfully outside the window, looking out to the overgrown runway.

Some have said that footsteps can be heard at the top corridor of the building. Some have experienced having stones thrown at them from the inside while they are attempting to look inside through the outside.

It is possible that all of these things were done by the apparition of the officer, which up to the present continues his duty at the RAF airbase, even if he doesn’t want to keep fighting in the war anymore. This latter phrase is due to him looking mournfully outside.

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