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Traditional Auction: The White Bread Meadow

Traditional Auction

The White Bread Meadow is a small pasture located on the outskirts of Bourne in Lincolnshire.

In relation to this small pasture, an age old custom continues every April, up to the present. An unusual property auction of the grazing rights of this small pasture happens every year, with the auction taking place beside Queen’s Bridge at the end of Eastgate.

The story behind the unusual auction originates from a bequest of a William Clay in 1742, wherein he tells of a land to be auctioned for a few shillings to buy loaves of bread to give to the poor. Thus, the name of the meadow is The White Bread.

The bidding off the land takes place while two school boys race across a 200-yard course. The last to bid before the winning boy returns gets the right to graze on the land for a year.

However, as of the present, the money from the auction will be sent to charity institutions for both the old and the sick. Several entertainments also ensue for the enjoyment of everyone.

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