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Bourne is a small market town built around natural springs. The town itself is located in King Street. It is found on the western border of the county of Lincolnshire and the eastern edge of the district of Kesteven. From London to Bourne is a distance of 140 kilometers to the south.


The town got its name from the circumstances of its area. The name “Bourne” came from the Anglo Saxon word which means “water”, pertaining to the body of water where it is concentrated.

Some years ago, the town was more on simple rural industries. This changed after the coming of the railways. As it provided easy transport for the people, the rural industries turned into the production of bottled water, which became their primary source of income. Other parts are from agriculture, food-processing and real-estate development in the area.

The soil of Bourne is rich and fertile bearing good harvests of sugar beet and corn for trade. Small machineries are still in the area but of a minority. On the other hand, garden centers make available products for men and women, as well as for children. There are also furniture and needed household products and tools.

Access towards the area is quite less, with only buses, cars and railways. Though this may be, the prominent landmarks of the area are still well-visited by tourists and guests. Such landmarks include buildings such as the Bourne Abbey and Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. The Baptist Church is also quite prominent and historic, dating back from 1835. Another tourist destination is the Bourne Woods, with its natural beauty and developed area for cycling.

The townsfolk are also fans of the game football, as well as motorsports such as car racing.

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