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Baston is a small village and parish at the edge of the Fens. It is situated in the Roman road leading across the Fens towards Spalding. It is located in the district of South Kesteven in the county of Lincolnshire, with an approximate population count of 1469 in the 2011 survey.

The place has retained some of the foreign features which are results of the times that the place was under foreign domination. The village is proud of its Roman features as well as its Anglian characteristics found in the cemetery located at one end of the place.

The whole parish stands over a field of gravel, giving it its main source of income which is gravel extraction, followed by arable farming.

Baston has a few amenities, having an independent and grounded special school from the year 1964. It also has a few fields especially for the sports football, cricket, and tennis.

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