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Ancaster Name Signage for Township Hall

Ancaster is a village and civil parish built over the site of an old Roman town in the district of South Kesteven. It is situated between the towns of Sleaford and Grantham.

Going back to history, on the site was once a Roman town on the roadside settlement. It was a Corieltauvi settlement. There is also a Roman marching camp as proven by excavated 4th century Roma earthworks and a cemetery of burials.

Ancaster was once Anecastre, which meant “the Roman fort of Anna”. The existence of this was proven by the findings of pottery, brooch, and town wall.

Thus, the town, even though modernized, still has that air of ancestry. As of now, the town has a primary school, post office, railway, churches, petrol stations, and public houses. For recreation, the town also has a holiday park and some nature reserves.

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