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The Spice Affair

The Spice Affair

 The Spice Affair is an elegant and lovely restaurant specializing in Goan cuisine, which is a mixture of Arabian, Portuguese and others. This beautiful little gem of a place is found within the Red Lion Hotel at the heart of Spalding.

The Spice Affair is a big and formal looking place with a wide space of classy design. The place is organized, clean and neat. Nice carpeting makes the place look luxurious while the chandeliers add to its appeal. Moreover, the beautiful lights capture everything as well as emphasize the restaurant’s good points.

Upon entrance, the staff makes you feel very welcome. They are quirky, attentive and friendly, which is a lovely asset to a restaurant. They are also polite and attentive, which balance a good service.

The place has a wide selection and a variety of cuisines and dishes to choose from. This includes British, Indian and Goan. Some of the dishes which are quite noteworthy include the chorizo rice and the venison tikka. Both are delicious and sublime, creating a tasty and filling experience. The dishes are delicious and amazing in their own ways. The unique and the flavorful after taste is definitely worth it.

1498 The Spice Affair is definitely a place worth visiting to. It has unique but authentic Goan cuisine made especially by their talented chef as well as dishes worth remembering. The staff members and the place is also great.

Opening Hours:


Tuesday – Sunday  12.00 nn – 2.00 pm


Tuesday – Thursday and Sunday            5.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Friday – Saturday    5.00 pm – 11.00 pm


01775 769435



The Red Lion Hotel

Marketplace Lines


PE11 1SU

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