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Sutton Bridge

Sutton Bridge

Sutton Bridge is a village and civil parish in the district of South Holland. It also functions as a commercial dock. The village is located at around 137 kilometers south of London. It is close to the borders of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

For many years, the village has experienced an influx of new residents. Due to this the community now has healthy housing production and improvement plans. It is powered by the Sutton Bridge Power Station.

The village has been through tough times as well as the others. It is composed of a few marshes in the east and the north. These vast, fast flowing marshes is known as Cross Keys Wash. Due to this, King John of England lost his crown jewels in an accident in the marshland. Only a few survived and the king died a week after the incident.

The first railway was established in 1862. Before that, a swing bridge, the Crosskeys Bridge was established in 1831. Also in the same year, twin lighthouses where also established in the banks of the mouth of the river. These lighthouses, however, does not function and is only meant to be a marker for seafarers.

The village was also home to RAF or the Royal Air Forces. It is also a POW or a prisoner of war camp during the Second World War. It also functioned as a Central Gunnery School.

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