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If you want acres of sky and sunsets, Spalding would be the perfect choice for you. A market town located at around 140 kilometers south of Lincoln, Spalding is a market town under the jurisdiction of the district of South Holland on the county of Lincolnshire.


The town itself is characterized by Georgian terraces and charming country life. The people are warm while the place has a rustic peacefulness which cannot be found in the city.

The town dates back form the Roman Period and the coming of the Anglian tribe called the Spaldingas in the 6th century. This tribe is the namesake for the current town in Lincolnshire.

The town thrives using the rich agricultural land area they have. The main industry is in agriculture, concerning more on plant and vegetable growth. The city has garden centers throughout, as well as plant nurseries, showcasing the products of the rich Spalding soil and the hard work and love of the people of the town.

In connection with this, it also specializes on bulb industries. Every year, there is an annual Tulip parade using the petals of the tulips as décor. At times, Daffodilas are used in place of Tulips during the parade.

Spalding is famous for medieval type buildings and houses such as the Aycoughfee Hall, which was built during the 15th century. This hall has now been turned over and has become a museum. Another famous landmark is the Pinchbeck Engine Museum. For a more natural setting, the Springfield Gardens is a nice place to  be in.

The town also has parish churches, supermarkets, and an award-winning bookshop. However, it is most famous for its medieval 18th century buidings.

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