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Holbeach is an ancient fenland market town and a civil parish at around 69 kilometers by the road of Lincoln. It is one of the largest by area in the whole of England with a population of approximately 5000 people.

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The town dates back as far as the Roman era, which was proven by the Roman and Romano-British pottery excavated in the area. It has a market charter dated in 1252 to Thomas de Moulton.

Holbeach was constantly drained many years back, which in turn moved the coastline of “The Wash” to about 14 kilometers away. The land drainage also resulted to fertile land for the people of the area. In the coming of the 19th century, building of small churches became common.

The town is more focused on food-processing and bulb-growing, making it a stable economic income for the town. Public houses are also available. Some examples of these are Black Bull, The Chequers Hotel, and the Horse and Groom, among many others.

Many years in the area saw the building of primary and secondary schools to cater to the growing children who are in need of educational guidance. The primary schools include Holbeach Primary School and William Stukeley Church of England Primary School. There is also a secondary school which goes by the name George Farmer Technology and Language College, which was changed to University Academy Holbeach in 2011. The town is also a base for a campus of the University of Lincoln which specializes in food-manufacturing technology.

For visitors and tourist, the town not only offers public houses but also bed and breakfasts. Some of which include the Elloe Lodge and Lucan Lodge.

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