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Parish at Gedney

Gedney is a small village and civil parish located in the district of South Holland. It is comprised of hamlets such as the Gedney Drove End, Gedney Dyke, Gedney Dawsmere, Gedney Marsh, and Gedney Church End.

The village, with all of its hamlets, lies on reclaimed fenlands, which makes it an intensive crop-growing area. Thus, the land not only prospers but also gives a bountiful harvest to its entire people.

Moreover, the village is identified through its landmark known as the Grade I listed Anglican Church dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene, which is presumed to be of the 13th century.

The village also has a few amenities with an addition of a public house.

However, the village, its hamlet Gedney Dyke in particular, is famous for the old story of “Old Mother Nightshade of Gedney Dyke”.

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