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October: A Month of Festivals

Flower Fest

Several prominent festivals are coming to Lincolnshire starting from September 29 up to the end of the month of October. Such festivals include the festival of books, authors and literature to be held at The Collection, the festivals of flowers to be held at the Burghley House, and the festival of the place’s native sausages to be held at the Lincoln Castle.

First off is the Lincoln book Festival, a celebration of knowledge and passion of writing found in books of prominent author from then and now. The festival starts from September 29 to October 4.

Burghley Flower Festival is a way to see the beauty of nature through flowers and the beauty beyond it as florist arrange their best  to suit the particular theme. The Flower Festival will be held on October 4 to 9 of 2014.

Several days after that, on October 25, there will be a celebration of Lincolnshire’s world famous delicious sausages. Aside from knowing the importance of these sausages to the people of the region, there will be several other events involving some fresh local produce and some cooking skill, as well as children’s activities.

Other festivals happen throughout the year, but these three are some of the most prominent and most celebrated of the bunch.