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Winterton is a small rural town in the county of Lincolnshire. It is located at about 5 miles north-east of Scunthorpe and 150 miles from London.  Its names was derives from the equation wintra + inga + tun which means “homestead of the followers of Wintra”.


The city is discovered to have existed as early as the Roman times in connection with the mosaic floors and other Roman remains. A coffin with a skeleton was also discovered and is believed to be a person who lived in the Winterton Roman villas at her time. The town is also believed to be a landing of dominant Anglish settlers during the 5th century.

As of the present, the town has a local council who holds the cemetery and who plans the events and developments which the city needs. There are also about three good schools, a hospital, as well as a pharmacy.

The town thrives through small industrial units and business in the area. There are shops, three pubs and two social clubs. For leisure, the town has country walks such as Roxby Trods, Watery Lane, and Simon’s Wood.

On the other hand, the town is famous for the All Saint’s Church which was built during the half of the 11th century.

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