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The Deli and Diner

The Deli and Diner

The Deli and Diner is an outside buffet specialist with free local deliveries, giving a person great value for their money as well as good healthy food made from fresh ingredients.

The place is located in a cobbled marketplace. It is just a small diner with a seating of about 30 people only. This arrangement somehow gives of a sort of intimacy, which is good for close people. The place may be small but it is very clean and neat with a kitchen on view so you can see how the food is prepared.The service is also great with everyone’s friendly smiles plastered on their faces.

The Deli and Diner boasts of great food which is only the truth. It is like an undiscovered gem with great shine hidden in a haystack. They serve delicious home-made food such as cooked roast meat of every type. The deli brunch is quite filling, not only with its sumptuous taste but also with the generous portion it was given. All are freshly cooked and made with a loving heart, so quality is a guarantee. They also serve freshly brewed great tasting coffee as an option to pair up with your food.

The place is great and a few only knows about it, which is disappointing and good at the same time. However, the test is one of the best deli I’ve know so I can say that it definitely makes you come back for more.

Opening Times:

Monday – Saturday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm


01652 655822



13 Wrawby Street


North Lincolnshire

DN20 8JH

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