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Colosseo Ristorante


Colosseo Ristorante is a family-run ristorante under the owners, Carlo and Connie Catalano. It is the most popular in places to eat in North Lincolnshire with its top quality genuine Italian food at a reasonable price.

The Ristorante is quite nice with its chic continental cover. The place has a nice and friendly atmosphere throughout with people smiling while chatting and eating with their companions. The room looks a bit tight but it is quite cosy. With a lot of patrons, the restaurant is busy with tables packed closed together.

The service is excellent, even impeccable in its perfect execution of what the customers need. They are very accommodating and welcoming, which is nice. The waiter is quite friendly and helpful with the questions and clarifications while being attentive at the same time.

The menu of Colosseo Ristorante has a wide array of Italian pasta dishes. All of them are nicely presented and perfectly cooked, with the spices just at the right amount. They also have others in their cuisine and I must say that the lobster ravioli was just excellent. It is well done and was cooked using fresh products, resulting to a sumptous taste that never leaves the tongue.

If its Colosseo Ristorante, then it will surely be a great treat which will become a favorite.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday 12:00 – 2:00

Moday – Tuesday evening for groups

Wednesday – Saturday 6:00 – 11:00


01724 271 775


Ravendale St North


South Humberside,

DN15 6NJ

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