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Located at around 25 miles north of Lincoln, Scunthorpe is considered as the administrative center of North Lincoln. It is the third largest settlement in the area.

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The place is characterized by fertile farmlands and woods, slowly creating some scenic natural attraction. Aside from its country features and natural landscapes throughout, the whole area stands in a bed of rich iron ore and limestone, which are two essential ingredients in the production of steel.

Looking back in history, this place is where the first iron ores where mined. One can say that people from the Scunthorpe spearheaded the discovery.

Thus, Scunthorpe is considered as the largest steel processing center in the United Kingdom. It is also known as the “Industrial Garden Town”. Aside from this, the economy also depends on other industries such as engineering, food processing, and shopping and retail,

On 2010, the place has a total population count of around 72, 514. At the present, there is a possibility that it could have grown by a few thousands. This is possible since the place is quite accessible to visits and migrations through air, water, and land trips.

Fort Paull

Moreover, the sports are typical British sports such as football, motorsports, rugby, and golf.

Popular tourist attractions include parks, museums, centers, and churches. Examples of this are North Lincolnshire Museum, the Pink Pig Barn, and Fort Paull.

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