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Kirton in Lindsey

Kirton in Lindsey or Kirton Lindsey is a small town which is half top and half side of the Lincoln Cliffs. It is located at about 11 kilometers south-east of Scunthorpe.

A view from Kirton Lindsey.

The town has a bit of local history dating as early as the Romans, which was proved by the Roman pavements found in the city. Anglo-Saxon artifacts were excavated as well which consist mostly of burial urns.

Before the coming of the Normans, Kirton Lindsey belonged to the Earl of Mercia. However, in 1066, it was passed down to the hands of William the Conqueror. On the 16th century, it became the home of Catherine Parr, wife of the English king, King Henry VIII.

As of  the present, the town’s economy is continually stabilized by independent shops on High Street. There is a market place, as well as a butcher shop, bakery, a sandwich shop, some sweets shops, and some beauty salons and spa. The town also has a physiotherapy clinic.

Moreover, the town has a comprehensive school known as the Huntcliff School. There is also a primary school in the town.

Kirton Lindsey’s most prominent landmark is known as “The Whipping Post”, which is recognized to be the smallest listed building tracing its origin from the 18th century.

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