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An Old Custom: The Haxey Hood

The Haxey Hood

The Haxey Hood is a traditional event celebrated at the village of Haxey located at the district of North Lincolnshire. The event is usually materialized every 6th of January of the year, the twelfth day of Christmas.

The event is characterized by something called “sway”, referring to a large rugby, football scrum, which happens in the middle of the wide field. During the scrum, the players pushes around a leather tube known as the “hood” while they aim to shoot it to one of the four pubs where it will stay until the next January 6.

The event originated from a famous story of chivalry. It is said that on the 14th century, Lady de Mowbray, the wife of John de Mowbray, was riding towards the Westwood when her silk riding hood was blown by the strong wind. Seeing her demise, thirteen farmer workers came to her aid and chased the hood throughout the wide field. One of them finally caught it but he was too shy so he asked one of his companions to deliver it to the lady.

Amused by the chase and the chivalry, she labeled the one who delivered it as the Lord and the one who caught it as the “fool”. Moreover, she donated  13 acres of land in the condition that each year, there will be a re-enactment of the chase.

The event, which continued each year, came to be known as “The Haxey Hood”. Also, it is “likely” to be the oldest tradition in England.

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