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Epworth is a small town in the Isle of Axholme. It is located at around 10 miles north-west of Gainsborough and lies directly on the A161 road.


The town was once an inland island surrounded by rivers. In 1360, John de Mowbray, known as the Lord of the Manor, granted deeds to the commons. However, at the time of King John, Vermuyden was order to drain the isle. He was successful in doing so which is quite a feat. After a lot of draining, the land became a fertile area.

As of the present, the town has a neat market place, a police station, and a church. There are several chapels as well. In the education sector, the town has a national school and a free school.

Certain famous landmarks are also found in the town. There is the Old Rectory, which was rebuilt in 1709. It is now turned into a museum and is a site of paranormal activities, according to some witnesses.  The town also has a grand Methodist Church which is the House of Methodism built in 1888. Another church is the St. Andrew’s, which is the birthplace of Methodism, with its C15 perpendicular styles dating back from the early 13th century.

Epworth has a few festive events in a year. There is the Epworth Show on the August bank holiday Monday, which features the agricultural aspect of the town as well as entertainment and trade. Another event is known as the Festival of the Plough.

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