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Crowle is a small town in the Isle of Axholme in North Lincolnshire. It has the largest pieces of dry land which stands in the old river Don.


The town has a bit of historical link, especially with the excavation of late Neolithic and early Bronze Age flints. There are also potteries, which are believed to have come from the Roman era.

At that time, arable farming was common as well as pastures and fisheries. The town also experienced to be in the hands of the Saxon Normans who built the traditional heritage Crowle St. Oswald Church. During the 11th century, the town developed. The part of the town known as Adlingfleet was under the Vikings in 1070 and was left as a barren land.

In recent years, the town had major expansions especially with the coming of residential developments. Infill redevelopments of old farm buildings are also common. There is also a main secondary school in the town known as The Axholme Academy.

Crowle is famous for the public house The White Hart, which is the oldest in the Isle of Axholme.

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