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Broughton is a small town and civil parish located in the district of North Lincolnshire. It is slightly bigger than the city of Brigg, which can be reached at a distance of 3 kilometers to the south east. The city has just recently been granted the title of town in 1974.

The city’s history goes as far back as the neolithic era and Stone age as proven by the excavated stone tools, pottery and, burial remains in the area. Other old landmarks include the St. Mary’s Church which was founded in the 11th century and the Gokewell Priory which was founded in the 12th century  and was dissolved before  Michaelmas in the year 1536.

The town’s two corners, north and west are surrounded by a vast woodland with untouched nature. At the end of this woodland is a hotel wherein one can stay and admire nature’s best.

As of the present, the town is growing in population especially due to the coming of new industries and housing developments.

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