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Alborough’s Julian’s Bower

Alkborough is a parish located at the northern end of the Cliff in the district of North Lincolnshire. It is mostly composed of low-lying arable farmlands.

The parish’s name was recorded in the Domesday Book as Alchebarge, with the meaning “the ridge like cliff above the mooring pool of the river” or “wood or grave of a man called Alca”.

The village traces its history as far back as the Neolithic period with the findings of stone axe heads, flint arrowheads, beaker, pottery shreds and some roman coins. In the midst of the war, it was a bombing range in the World War II and has a few defensive structures.

Several famous village landmarks in Alkborough are Julian’s Bower (a universal turf maze), Countess close, St. John the Baptist Church, Alkborough Tower Mill, Walcot Hall, Kell Wells, Low Wells, and Apex Light.

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